"Recovering the Past to Protect the Future"

At SankofaBCH, we hold ourselves and each of our providers to the highest standards. Our standards are based on our values. Our values are based on the belief that we answer to not only ourselves, but our communities and our higher power. The following are some of the standards and values of our agency.

We will treat all consumers, non-consumers and communities with a spirit of fairness and professionalism.
Holding the highest standard to maintain a reputation of excellence, Sankofa Behavioral Community Health advocates take pride in both our professionalism and the services that we provide. We strive to remain honest, reliable and consistent with our services and interactions with consumers and communities.
We maintain sensitivity and awareness of cultural diversity of individuals, consumers, groups and communities. Appreciating the uniqueness of individuals and their communities, we strive to be mindful of diversity ranging from race/ethnicity, sexual & gender orientation, socio-economic status, and ability, to name a few. We are dedicated to treating each individual within our organization and consumer with respect and dignity.
Both our consumers and ourselves are equally valued. Given that our services make a difference in the lives of the consumers that we serve, we also have to serve as an example of SankofaBCH's motto and vision. Therefore, it is our responsibility to assess our own needs and the needs of our consumers. By addressing our own concerns, we can focus on consumers' concerns more objectively and then respond to those needs with the best of our abilities and resources.
We will make every effort to maintain a reputation of excellence within our communities and with our consumers.
We remain obligated to our communities and will only act in a manner in that uplifts our agency and the communities that we serve.
We believe in justice and fairness for all. We actively and diligently advocate for our consumers. We believe in engaging in activism to create positive change fore our community.
We strive to recognize and utilize the strengths of our consumers, communities and advocates to accomplish the vision and adhere to the mission of SankofaBCH.