"To constantly strive being a leader in mental health,
alcohol/drug addiction, and case management services."

We are constantly striving to be a leader in mental health, alcohol and drug addiction, and case management services. Therefore, our primary mission is to provide the most effective and comprehensive treatment to each of our community members. We accomplish this by utilizing evidence based research to attain the highest level of wellness for our consumers.

While some agencies believe that being client-centered is the best form of treatment, SankofaBCH's mission is to simultaneously address the concerns of our consumers, their families, and communities. It is our belief that each of us is affected by our community's struggle. As such, we recognize hunger, lower educational attainment, homelessness, unemployment or underemployment, incarceration, etc. as a community's struggle, rather than an individual's problem. Therefore, a child is hungry, we believe in feeding the child, her family, and addressing the community concerns that resulted in her hunger.

We recognize that we have a lofty mission. However, we wholeheartedly believe that in order to see long-lasting and optimal change in any one person, the consumer, family, and communities must be returned to health. Although there are many paths to recovery, one very important method is through empowerment. Each one of us already possess the power to change our lives. Things often happen in life that makes us feel as if we have no power. We at Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health believe that you just have to "recover" your power. In fact, Sankofa means "recovering the past to protect the future." One of the primary ways of returning to health and protecting our future is to recover your past health, strength, resilience, happiness, and wellness.