Community Involvement

Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health continually engages in dialogue and collaboration within our community with hopes to bring positive and measurable change.

Great event getting the teachings of visionary fiction from Walidah Imarisha based on the Octavia’s Brood project. Then participants practiced creating their own visionary fiction settings and characters. It was dope!

Great event featuring a panel with Tī S. Banks, Rev. Everett Mitchell, and Dr Anthony Smith, moderated by Dr Henderson Sankofa Bch) Thanks to all who came out! Next event is November 17th from 6-8pm at the same location 2312 S. Park St. It will be a panel of folks speaking on recovering from multiple overlapping traumas.

Have you heard of Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health? How does equality and fairness inform behavioral health care? Check out this edition of A Public Affair to find out more!

On Wednesday, February 18th our host Karma Chavez was joined by Dr. Anthony Smith and Dr. Valerie Henderson to discuss Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health and its mission in the Madison community.