We need your help to continue providing these life-altering services to our community members

Thank you for your interest in Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health, while we may be a new name to your ears, we think you will like the sound of our work. Here is an overview of who we are.

Our practice is guided by the African proverb that states, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We know that solutions are more sustainable when we work together. As such, SankofaBCH believes that each of us is better when our families and communities are returned to health.

We are dedicated to eliminating the racial disparities in Wisconsin and this has to happen on both systematic and personal levels. Sankofa specializes in using culturally appropriate interventions that are specific to the population we are serving. We address a multitude of issues including mental health, alcohol and drug addiction, vocation/employment, hunger, and assessment. We utilize individual, family, community, and group interventions to assist people in living healthier lives. 

Given the high racial disparities highlighted in the Race To Equity report, it is no secret that people of Color are suffering in Dane County.  In order to reduce this suffering, our entire community must take part in the healing of trauma from discrimination by race, gender, sexual orientation, and class. These “isms” create specific mental health struggles for marginalized communities. SankofaBCH is changing that as evident by our consumers. One said this about SankofaBCH: “Finally, we have a place to talk about and get help with things that really bother us.”

We know this work is important.  We need your help to continue providing these life-altering services to our community members. Our consumers are frequently unable to afford these services with many of them falling 200% below the poverty line and are uninsured. Therefore, we need your support. Please, make a donation to become a partner a healing our community. 

Without your help, some of the services we provide to those in need would not be possible. Please Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Now to Help Continue Our Work!

With sincere gratitude,

Valerie Henderson, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist #3167-57

Executive Director of Sankofa Behavioral & Community Health, Inc.